Top 5 reasons for using online Job Boards

Here are our ‘Top 5’ reasons to use online job posts for your business…

1)      Everyone is online!

With 76% of the UKs population now online, and recent research showing that job seekers’ preferred searching method being an online search – your business really can’t afford not to advertise your vacancies online!


2)      Reach the best candidates

By advertising your job online, you instantly get nationwide exposure for your vacancy. With more people searching for vacancies online, your vacancy can be found by more of the people you want to target.


3)      Get the most applications

Your vacancy will be seen by more people, and more qualified applicants than traditional media sources (newspapers, radio, etc). This means your vacancy should be viewed by more of your ideal applicants and therefore receive more qualified applications.


4)       Take control of your recruitment

No-one knows your business better than you. By advertising your job vacancy online, you can control the application process from start-to-finish.

(Our recruitment specialists at Hiring Made Simple are always on-hand to help out if you need some guidance!)


5)      Save money

Online job board advertising is often much more affordable than traditional media sources, and yields more applications from a wider talent pool.


So there you have it!

Is your business advertising its job vacancies online yet? lets you post across upto 70 of the UKs leading job boards in one simple step, and for less than the cost of a single job post directly with the Job Boards.

See our full range of Job Posts here.

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