Why Social Network Websites will Never Replace Job Boards

As we all (begrudgingly or not) move into a new era of mobile websites, content on-the-go and fervent social networking, some companies are starting to look at candidate recruitment in a different light. That is, a few businesses are turning their heads towards social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to attract new candidates – which is understandable. After all, the explosion of Facebook and its global reach means that companies can’t afford to look the other way any more. But when it comes to job advertising and candidate sourcing, are social networking routes really the ideal way to go?

It’s a question on the lips of many recruitment specialists at this moment in time, and the fiery debate surrounding it is hotter than ever.

Our view is that social networking websites will always be cast in a supporting role when it comes to finding new talent; here’s why…

Social Platforms are Not Designed with Job Advertising in Mind

The main reason that online job boards replaced the traditional newspaper job advertisement columns is that they were a much easier and cost effective way of doing the same thing. What’s more, job boards have developed much more since they first arrived on the scene – with the introduction of CV databases, candidate searches, keyword matches & many other features.

So the question is, do social media websites allow us to do the same things as on a job board website, but much easier and cheaper? The answer is no.

Okay, so Facebook has a job board – that much is true. But these social job boards are not strong performers, quite the opposite, in fact. They do not offer all the same tools, CV databases and flexibility that classic job-sites – such as Reed and Monster – offer.

Social Media Websites are ‘Unprofessional’

To be honest, I don’t like the word ‘unprofessional’ in this regard; it seems a little outdated and comes with an old-fashioned vibe. But for want of a better word, it is.

Put it this way – social media websites contain information about a candidates that both you and the candidate in question would rather keep separate from job applications. There are many times that I’ve seen companies shy away from a potentially good catch, because of a less-than sophisticated profile picture or news feed on the candidate’s profile.

And it works both ways. People know that their profiles may not shed them in the most professional light, and so they too back off from applying to jobs via social networking sites.

Social Media Enhances Job-sites

What I will say about social media outlets is that they can greatly enhance the effectiveness of classic job-boards, from focused candidate targeting right through to a means of advertising your job advert. They essentially give you an extra ring to your ladder, enabling you to see farther and wider than you could with a job board alone.

It’s this kind of hybrid approach which works best for many companies, and is yet another reason why social platforms will never replace classic job-sites.

And Remember…

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